My musings

Here are some of my poems which I sent for a competion..Hw is it?


Talk to me

Can we talk?

Everything starts from there

We were alone with gods

Still I remember your odd smiles

For my silly jokes

We talk about everything

Except one thing

No worries about our future

Just we were only

All things looked like small

As we look at it

One gloomy day you came

Said to me very calmly

We need to talk?


Don’t judge me

Don’t judge me from

How I look

Im not fair enough,

Cant you see my broken heart?

Don’t judge me from

How I behave

In a bunch of people

I wear a mask



Who are you to judge me?

Im a alien.


Say Hellow…

Hellow world…Now I am also in blogging community…I know,how people using this platform to share their views,opinions and thoughts.After a long thinking process,I came to a decision that I should be part of this community…Obviousely,I know;I couldnt make a change a out there..Its a weird place..But I have to share my thoughts with somebody…so I take this blog as my own diary or whatever…so here I am..